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PaceDJ's Fave Moderate Run

songs around 152BPM Good for running, cycling 18 songs (85:47) by Pacing Technologies

Getting Started - Easy Run

songs around 141BPM Good for running, cycling 13 songs (50:42) by Pacing Technologies

PaceDJ's Favorite Fast Run

songs around 157BPM Good for running, cycling 19 songs (77:59) by Pacing Technologies

Motivation - Moderate Walk

songs around 126BPM Good for walking, cycling 17 songs (66:23) by Pacing Technologies

Runaway Baby - Fast Run

songs around 158BPM Good for running, cycling 13 songs (48:46) by Pacing Technologies


songs around 149BPM Good for running, cycling 10 songs (36:35) by trriner

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